Wizard of OZ – Mar 2001

Wizard of OZ Director – Mary Rowley Musical Director – Kevin Whitley Choreography – Helen Stone The Story The story begins on a small farm in Kansas, where Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are worried about a twister looming in the sky. Where is Dorothy? As usual she is busy daydreaming of what could be beyond The Rainbow. Suddenly the twister strikes and takes the … Continue reading Wizard of OZ – Mar 2001

Cinderella – Nov 2001

Cinderella Directed & Choreographed By – Lyn Aston Musical Director – David Lawrence The Story Cinderella lives with her Father, Stepmother and two Sisters Frumpella and Thinella. Mrs. Wormwood and her two ugly selfish daughters hate Cinderella and are always bullying her, and giving her chores to do. Poor Cinderella never goes out and only gets one hour each day away from her chores. Her … Continue reading Cinderella – Nov 2001

The Magic of Christmas – Dec 2001

The Magic of Christmas Directed & Choreographed By – Mary Rowley Musical Director – Shaun Edward The Story Imagine life without Christmas….Unthinkable isn’t it? The Magic of Christmas is a fantasy story about the Williams family who discover a strange box on their doorstep just before Christmas. When the parcel is opened it contains a cake and a card with “EAT ME AT ONCE” written … Continue reading The Magic of Christmas – Dec 2001