Alice Through the Looking Glass – Sept 1999

Alice Through the Looking Glass Director – Lyn Aston Musical Director – David Bebbington Choreography – Emma Crabtree DID YOU KNOW LEWIS CARROLL WAS BORN ONLY TWENTY MILES FROM WREXHAM The Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known as Lewis Carroll the author of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ was born in Daresbury in 1832. the church set amongst meadows and rhododendrons has a bright red blue … Continue reading Alice Through the Looking Glass – Sept 1999

Wizard of OZ – Mar 2001

Wizard of OZ Director – Mary Rowley Musical Director – Kevin Whitley Choreography – Helen Stone The Story The story begins on a small farm in Kansas, where Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are worried about a twister looming in the sky. Where is Dorothy? As usual she is busy daydreaming of what could be beyond The Rainbow. Suddenly the twister strikes and takes the … Continue reading Wizard of OZ – Mar 2001

Cinderella – Nov 2001

Cinderella Directed & Choreographed By – Lyn Aston Musical Director – David Lawrence The Story Cinderella lives with her Father, Stepmother and two Sisters Frumpella and Thinella. Mrs. Wormwood and her two ugly selfish daughters hate Cinderella and are always bullying her, and giving her chores to do. Poor Cinderella never goes out and only gets one hour each day away from her chores. Her … Continue reading Cinderella – Nov 2001

The Magic of Christmas – Dec 2001

The Magic of Christmas Directed & Choreographed By – Mary Rowley Musical Director – Shaun Edward The Story Imagine life without Christmas….Unthinkable isn’t it? The Magic of Christmas is a fantasy story about the Williams family who discover a strange box on their doorstep just before Christmas. When the parcel is opened it contains a cake and a card with “EAT ME AT ONCE” written … Continue reading The Magic of Christmas – Dec 2001

A Night To Remember – April 2002

A Night To Remember Directed By – Samantha Harrington The Story The story revolves around eight very close teenage friends, who decide to throw a party whilst parents are away. The consequences are fraught with having to make decisions that are life changing, which brings out each individual character, with surprising clarity. Will the decisions taken be the right thing to do, should they, do … Continue reading A Night To Remember – April 2002

Alice – Sept 2002

Alice The Musical Directed & Choreographed – Mary Rowley The Story Alice is a musical in two acts, based on the timeless story “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. The Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the real Lewis Carroll, is theologian, mathematician, photographer and storyteller. Alice Liddell, the real Alice, begs Dodgson to tell her a story, and is transported into Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, where she … Continue reading Alice – Sept 2002

Dream On – Sept 2003

Dream On Directed & Choreographed By – Lyn Aston Musical Director – Mark Chadwick The Story The play is set in Athens in the run-up to the Olympic Games. Theseus, Duke of Athens, is pledged to marry Hippolyta, who is a Latin American from Venezuela. Theseus has two great athletes, Demetrius and Lysander. Hermia and Lysander are in love with each other. However, Egeus, the … Continue reading Dream On – Sept 2003

Our Day Out – Mar 2004

Our Day Out Venue: Riverside Studio Theatre Show dates: 9th to 13th March 2004 Directed by Raymond Jones Book by Willy Russell Songs and music by Bob Eaton, Chris Mellor and Willy Russell Cast Mr Briggs – Dafydd Grifiths Mrs Kay – Anharad Siencyn Susan/Shopkeeper – Kendra Jones Colin – James Harper Driver/Zookeeper – Stuart Venables Les/Headmaster – Raymond Jones Carol – Sarah Wright Linda … Continue reading Our Day Out – Mar 2004

Bugsy Malone – Oct 2004

Bugsy Malone The Senior Youth section performed this enormously funny musical play. Show dates: 30th September – 2nd October 2004 Venue: Stiwt Theatre, Rhos, Nr Wrexham. Director – Lyn Aston Musical Director – David Pritchard Cast list: DOMINIC SIMMS – BUGSY MALONE (Info) ALEX ROBERTS – BLOUSEY MATTHEW LARGE – FAT SAM LUCY POWELL – TALLULAH JAMES HARPER – DANDY DAN KENDRA JONES – LOUELLA … Continue reading Bugsy Malone – Oct 2004