Love Begins At 50 – Jan 2003

Love Begins At 50 A Farce by Raymond Hopkins Directed By – Mary Rowley The Story Anita and Clive Debanks have been married for 28 years and have led an uneventful life. But all that is about to change. Although in a loveless marriage, Clive has never been unfaithful. However, as preparations for his fiftieth birthday party are underway, Clive feels that life is passing … Continue reading Love Begins At 50 – Jan 2003

Fiddler on the Roof – Oct 2003

Fiddler on the Roof Directed by – Mary Rowley Choreographer – Lyn Aston Musical Director – David Pritchard The Story ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ is a story of a family and the village in which they live a simple life. It is set in Tsarist Russia on the eve of the Russian Revolution, when everything is changing, yet the need to uphold traditions still exists. … Continue reading Fiddler on the Roof – Oct 2003

Across The Pond – April 2005

Devised and directed by Raymond Jones. Venue: Riverside Studio Theatre. Some of the best musical numbers of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim, recognized as the two most successful composers of the last few decades. A musical production embracing various emotions portrayed in musical theatre. Nostalgia, comedy, tragedy, fairy tales, magic and, of course, love. Cast Lyn Aston, Marina Barnes, Leanne Bonson, Robina Crawford, … Continue reading Across The Pond – April 2005

Carousel – November 1975

Carousel. November 17th – 22nd 1975. Direceted by Alice Williams. William Aston Hall. Wrexham. Cast of characters Carrie Pipperidge – Dilys Wilson Julie Jordan – Gaynor Jones Mrs. Mullin – Audrey Rhodes Billy Bigelow – David Jones Policeman – Laurie Gladwell David Bascombe – Bryn Lloyd Jones Nettie Fowler – Nell Guy Enoch Snow – Forsyth Dodie Jigger Craigin – Jeremy Fletcher Captain – Cynwyd … Continue reading Carousel – November 1975