Oliver 2004


“Please Sir, I want some more”

Synopsis of the story.

Abandoned as an orphan on the death of his mother, Oliver has been raised in a workhouse run by the mean Widow Corney and Mr Bumble the parish beadle. Just like all the other orphans he is underfed and hungry and, when he can’t stand this anymore and asks for a second helping of gruel Mr Bumble and Widow Corney are furious. They are so angry that they sell him on the street for five pounds to the undertaker Mr Sowerberry.

Mr Sowerberry means to use him as a funeral attendant but he is severly teased by Noah Claypole, the undertaker’s apprentice. So unhappy is he, that he makes good his escape and is effectively homeless on the mean streets of London.

He falls into the company of the Artful Dodger who introduces him to the notorious Fagin, who is running a school for street thieves and pickpockets whilst, of course, living on the proceeds from the sale of their stolen goods. Whilst there Oliver meets Bill Sykes, Nancy, Bet and a host of other colourful characters. Fagin attempts to train Oliver in the tricks of their “trade”.

Eventually, and in the course of a bungled theft, he meets Mr Brownlow, an event which will evetually change his life. A happy ending is in sight, but not without some exciting twists and turns in the plot, with the climax occuring against the dramatic background of London Bridge.

Evening Leader review

Show dates: 29th November – 4th December 2004

Venue: Stiwt Theatre, Rhos, Nr Wrexham.

Director – Audrey Rhodes

Musical Director – David Pritchard

Cast list:

Oliver Twist “A Workhouse Boy” – Luke Rhodes Leader

Mr Bumble “The Beadle” – Owen Osbourne

Widow Corney “The Workhouse Mistress” – Debbie French

Noah Claypole “The Undertaker’s Apprentice” – James Harper

Mr Sowerberry “The Undertaker” – Dafydd L Griffiths

Mrs Sowerberry “The Undertaker’s Wife” – Robina Crawford

Charlotte “Their Sluttish Daughter” – Leanne Bonson

The Artful Dodger “Fagin’s Star Pupil” – David Harris

Fagin “Trainer of Pickpockets” – Bill Robertson

Nancy “Bill Sykes’ Doxy” – Annie Hughes

Charles Bates “One of Fagin’s Boys” – Joe Theobold

Bet “A Girl in Fagin’s Establishment” – Lucy Powell

Bill Sykes “A Villain in his Prime” – Jonathan Francis

Mrs Bedwin “Brownlow’s Housekeeper” – Lyn Aston

Mr Brownlow “An Old and Wealthy Gent” – Terry Marland

Dr Grimwig “Brownlow’s Family Doctor” – Alan Edwards

Old Sally “A Pauper” – Marina Barnes

Evening Leader Review

Workhouse boys & Fagin’s gang

Tammy Dobbins, Robert Evans, Sophie Evans, James Hampson, Carmen Hopkins, Justin Hopkins, Matthew Hughes, Matthew Lovelock, Alex Marland, Rueben Rhodes Leader, Dominic Simms, Joseph Theobold, Rhys Thomas Williams, Rhys Williams.


Marina Barnes, Leanne Bonson, Amanda Carlton, Robina Crawford, Lucy Dean, Janet Dobie, Carmen Edwards, Jodi Foulkes, Dafydd L Griffiths, James Harper, Veronica Hulmes, Derrick Jones, Jade Jones, Kendra Jones, Olwen Jones, Lesley Nunn, Patrick O’Reilly, Owen Osborn, Keira Pugh, Nina Plonka, Angharad Siencyn, Gemma Waring, Mary Watson, Neil Williams, Steven Williams.

Production Team

Director – Audrey Rhodes

Musical director – David Pritchard

Choreographer – Lyn Aston

Technical Manager – Graham Lloyd

Stage Manager – Raymond Hulmes

Deputy Stage Manager – Sye Dobie

Sound – Graham Lloyd

Sound Assistant – Mike Rawlins

Lighting Design – Graham Phillips (Stiwt)

Technical Assistant – Kelly Gomersall (Stiwt)

Follow Spot – Mark Chadwick, Huw Phillips

Backstage Crew – Bill Hewitt, Jack Robertson, James Pryde, Mike Rawlins, Alan Edwards

Properties – Ron Edwards, Carole Oldknow, Jack Robertson, Becky Lloyd

Wardrobe – Christine Brooks, Calolyn Crellen

Makeup/Hair – Amanda Dobbins, Deborah Evans

Scenery – Proceneum Hire

Costumes – Homburgs

Prompter – Lyn Aston

Programme – Ron Edwards, Alan Edwards

Photographs – Graham Lloyd

Publicity – Joan Robertson

Ticket Secretary – Robina Crawford

Programme – Andrew Harper/Printing

Front of House – Beryl Humphreys, Ruth Jones, Sonya Hulmes

Orchestra – Violin – Mark Lanson, Chello – Vicky Roberts, Bass – Mark Jones, Oboe – Diana Clementson, Clarinet – Gordon Macey, Bassoon – Bob Hinde, Flute – Alan Lees, Trumpet – Steve Atherton, Trombone – John Herbert, Percussion – Steve Lloyd, Piano – David Pritchard.

Director – Audrey Rhodes

Audrey joined WMTS 34 years ago and is now a Life Member. She is best remembered for her leading roles at Theatre Clwyd including Anna in “The King and I”, “Dolly in Hello Dolly”, Golde in “Fiddler on the Roof”, Miss Hannigan in “Annie” and Nettie in “Carousel”. She studied music and dance for many years, using her talents in performing for numerous local societies. She turned professional for a while but always kept in touch with amateur theatre. Her work as a director a choreographer takes her to many societies e.g. Director for Crewe Operatic at the Lyceum for the past 5 years, responsible for Ruthin AOS’ production of Guys & Dolls this year. This show is rather special for her as her two grandsons are in it, one as a 10 year old member of Fagin’s gang and the other playing Oliver himself.

Musical Director – David Pritchard

David has worked with many societies and schools as musical director and co-musical director. He would like to thank the Oliver! production team and sends his congratulations to the cast for their understanding and commitment during the past few months. “Their hard work has definately been worth it”. David loves to take on a challenge and as long as the society continues to receive loyal support, he will go on accepting them from WMTS.

Choreographer – Lyn Aston

Lyn has been a member of WMTS for 20 years during that time she has choreographed, directed and taken part in a great number of shows. Intsrumental in setting up the youth section some eight years ago she can be found every Tuesday and Friday evenings taking the yoth in drama workshops. In her spare time Lyn writes plays and scripts some of which have been performed on stage. She recently completed one for which original music is being composed and which she hopes to showcase next year.

Luke Rhodes Leader – Oliver!


Owen Osbourne & Debbie French – Mr Bumble & Widow Corney


Bill Robertson – Fagin


David Harris – The Artful Dodger


Jonathan Francis – Bill Sykes


Annie Hughes – Nancy


Dafydd L Griffiths & Robina Crawford – Mr & Mrs Soweberry


Fagin’s Gang


Evening Leader Review
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